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Monday, December 1, 2014

Secret Santa Christmas Swap

Parcel sent to Florence in France as part of Chookyblue's SSCS, you can go see the inside on her blog.
Chooky has been a great swap mumma again and all these wonderful parcels are winging there way around the globe. 
Parcel heading to France

Parcel arrived from New Zealand
Parcel arrived from Raewyn in New Zealand
heart decoration sent to France

tree decoration from New Zealand
The rest of the parcel is under the tree to be opened on Christmas Day

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Wedding quilt

I finally got photos of the quilt I made Elizabeth and Jared, Elizabeth clearly didn't want to be in the photos

front of quilt

back of quilt

I need to be more........

Today I have been to Millrose Cottage for a Christmas bloggers get together Mill Rose Friends. We had a Christmas themed swap, something to wear, Christmas decoration and something sweet. I forgot to take a photo of what I made, my parcel consisted of an apron, cadbury chocolates and handmade Christmas tree earrings. What I received and what I bought home are two entirely different parcels, I swapped but then Shez decided to up the anti, she made everyone pass their parcel 2 places to the right which is why I have a completely different parcel.

Reversible apron, lolly tree and santa decoration

extra goodies handed out by people

with special guest Chez

Shez played bad santa

Chez with what she received only for Shez to up the anti

The beautiful stitchery by Rosalie Quinlan - "Be a Blessing" is headed to is new owner this week as part of Chookyblues SSCS 2014
I have signed up to another swap, Christmas pouch swap over at Sew Delicious sew this is the next thing to be sewn, then there is NOTYQ mortal angel swap Christmas parcels to be ready for the Christmas party on 20th December. Also need to make some family Christmas presents.

SSCS 2014

decoration for the tree

Friday, October 31, 2014

weekend in Bright

As I wait for Steve to finish what he needs to take with him to Bright (second visit in a couple of months) I thought I would catch up what has been happening around here.

Last week Clare came to visit, she didn't want me to spend my birthday by myself. Steve was in New Zealand (yes I was suppose to be there too but our plans got changed). We sewed making new handbags, went to the Stitches and craft show at Caufield Racecourse where Clare bought her birthday and Christmas - new Go cutter dies

new handbag made on my Singer 201P
I've been secret stitching for NOTYQ mortal angel swap and Chookyblues SSCS as well as Millrosiefriends Christmas swap

I've visited a number of different quilt exhibitions over the last month, including meeting the wonderful Brenda Papadkis at Quilts in the Barn

Brenda talking to people

dear jane
I also went to Bayswater TLC church to visit the Eastern Palliative care Quilt show and Beaconsfield quilt show.

Friday, September 26, 2014

8 weeks and a lot has happened

Millrosie friends get together happened on 23rd of August, it was a fun day with lots of talking, laughter and good food, some sewing was achieved but not much.

I bought at the Melbourne craft fair Rosalie Quinlan's "Be a Blessing" Christmas stitchery. It is a lovely stitchery and I am really enjoying stitching at night watching TV.

"Be a Blessing"
I spent the last week of August and the first week of September in Sydney on grandma duties, Kate and Graeme were heading to Darwin for a conference. Steve was with me until 31st August when he flew to Perth to lead a training course for Sports Chaplaincy, he arrived back 6th September where on Sunday we had lunch for fathers day with family and friends and then came home. We both managed to be infected with a virus which we are still suffering the effects of today - we are still both coughing but well on the road to recovery. Everyone we have talked to this winter has said that it lingers on for 6 - 8 weeks, we are both over it, well and truly.

I have joined in again this year Chookyblue's Secret Santa Christmas Swap and will be doing secret sewing over the next 6 weeks. Something for my swap partners tree and something special to be opened Christmas day.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Retreat or not

I have a problem a good problem but it needs solving. In October 24 - 26 I was attending a retreat at the Millrose cottage retreat house in Ballan, you noticed I said was.....
Today Steve worked out when he is headed to New Zealand for work and I can go with him and we will have a short break while there. My problem is I still need to pay for retreat $290 even if I'm not there. Can you help me out if you live in Melbourne and would like a weekend sewing your heart out with  Mel, and Sharon and other wonderful ladies who are part of the Millrosie friends group let me know.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Kate Spain Charms

finished top

I have finished the top of my Kate Spain charm square swap. Melissa aka MsMidge who organised this wonderful swap also organised a charm-along which we all have until the weekend to get finished.
I really just wanted the fabric to shine and found a free pattern called round and round, my problem was that  I needed an extra 28 charms to finish the final round, I had a slightly used Central Park charm pack and added it to the final 32 from the swap. Now to work out how to quilt it but have already decided on a black and white stripe as the binding