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Monday, November 29, 2010

A giveaway over at Stray Stitches

Linda is having a give away, go have a look a complete Thimbleberries BOM.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

On the move

We are on the move, just down the road to Elderslie. The house we have lived in since March 2003 when Steve came here as the minister of Narellan Baptist Church has been sold and we move next weekend to a rental property. The reason for the sale was to release the equity of the house to put the services (water, electricity, etc) onto the block that the church owns in the middle of our community. The plan is to build a community type centre that we as Limetree can use along with the wider community of Narellan.
The packing is going slowly because life still needs to happen, this weekend we are at Sports Chaplaincy Australia training, this has been booked for 6 months and is the second half of the course, so I'll try not to worry too much. For those who haven't heard of SCA before they train people to be sport chaplains to high performance and local sporting organizations - Steve is the chaplain to Penrith Rugby League NRL team and has been since 1997 and is state co-ordinator. Most NRL, AFL, Cricket, Football (soccer to some) have chaplains.
A photo taken at our son and daughter in laws wedding September 2007, I tried to find one more recent but couldn't. The reason for the happy couple snap is today 32 years ago we got married, its much harder to just download something that old.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Look what arrived.....

The fabric that I won as part of the blog hop for Elizabeth Hartmans book launch arrived this morning, isn't it lovely. Oranges and browns now for the book to arrive and I will make one of the quilts in the book with them.

Included mermaids and bees (sorry the bees just wouldn't beehave).
I bought from Borders with my 30% off "101 One Metre Wonders" last week, I plan on using some of my stash to make presents for the family but that will happen when we move house in 2 weeks time. We still haven't found somewhere to rent so things are getting desperate. There are lots of home in our area but generally we are one of a dozen other families looking for somewhere to rent, so if your the praying kind your prayers would be appreciated we need to move before 6th December as this is settlement date.
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Friday, November 12, 2010

Give away over at retromummy

Corrie over at retromummy is having a giveaway of lovely Sweet Broderie by Rosealie Quinlan you can go visit her blog and see the beautiful fabrics

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

OK so it has been a while

 Where to start, some crafting going on, hexies and knitting. I have finally succumbed to the world of hexagons, I have been doing them on and off over the last couple of months. I have also been knitting a jumper top down (this is so easy) for the first time for Kate DD1, we bought the wool on special and there were an odd number of balls and colours, so I am doing it stripped.
We've been sick, Steve and I, summer colds coughing and wheezing and I had a fight with a stormwater drain and lost - I have a very sore big left toe, grazed right knee and a sore right elbow, broke nothing but 2 weeks after I did it toe is still bruised and sore.
Our home has been sold or should I say the "manse" of the Baptist church Steve has been minister of for the past 7 almost 8 years. It has been sold so the church can start the process of building a community centre on the block of land they have owned for the last 10 years. We are staying in the area going to rent something and continue with Limetree while Steve works as an architect to feed and pay the bills.

I won I won

Last week there was a blog hop to win a copy of Elizabeth Hartman book The Practical guide to Patchwork. Well over on Ambers blog I was the random number picked, so I am the lucky winner of the book and fabric to make one of these beautiful quilts

Friday, September 17, 2010

from little things

From little things big things grow. I know you are all singing along - this is the name of the new fabric line designed by Sarah. She is having a giveaway to celebrate its arrival. Now it won't be in shops for a while so here is your chance to win some.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Not much

I have hardly done anything crafty over the last couple of weeks - knitting a jumper for Kate but even that is going slowly. Over the next couple of weeks that will change as I have lots of sewing to do, as I make Harry Potter costumes for the 30th birthday/house warming at Kate and Graeme's. Also a new outfit for a wedding in early October.

Kate, Graeme and Lily finally moved into their new home at the end of August. Grandma has been doing lots of Lily looking after so mummy and daddy can unpack and go shopping for new appliances and furniture. I even had a phone call over the weekend to come round and play with playdough so that her parents could put some Ikea furniture together.

Our home is quiet with half as many people now living here, we are slowly reclaiming space with Steve still to move back into the study, Chris mostly moved back into his bedroom and me to finish sorting out my space in the rumpus room.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Where to start

OK so it's been a while.
I have been crafting a little, stitching some, buying fabrics Patchwork Heart at Penrith had some lovely half price fabrics, but mainly not accomplishing anything major. Where to begin - after 14 months of having DD1 Kate, SIL Graeme and now 2 yo DGD Lily living with us they finally have keys to their new home and will move in over the next couple of weeks. I will miss the evening kiss and cuddle after she has had a bath and the grandma where is Big and Little Ted (my bears, as in Playschool bears).
I will have a sewing room again even if it is part of the rumpus room and space to leave tops on the floor as I piece them together.
So what have I been doing - Hunter Hill quilt show was on last weekend Di and Sarah both wrote about it. The Camden Quilt show was the first weekend of the month and it was up to its usual high standard. Munaiba wrote about it and has lovely pictures.
I do have photos somewhere but haven't downloaded them yet - told you I have been slack.

We drove to Melbourne in July down the coast, stayed in Eden on Thursday night and then drove onto Orbost, Lakes Entrance and finally reaching Melbourne to meet DD2 Elizabeth who lives down there as she finished work. We stayed at a wonderful serviced apartments on Punt Road, we went to TGIF for dinner in Chapel St and I was glad we had to walk back to the car I was full.
Penrith played Melbourne (rugby league) and the Quilt show was on what great timing. While Steve and Elizabeth spent Saturday morning doing father daughter stuff I spent 3 hours wandering around looking a Victorian Quilt Show - there were some lovely Winding Ways quilts that caught my fancy, they were stunning. I also took the finished bag (Rosies bag No1) that I bought the kit for at the Sydney quilt show, from Indgo Niche. It was the first time she had written a pattern so was please to see it turned out OK and was easy to follow.
We won't talk about the footy!!!!!! the stadium is cool.
Sunday we went to St Kilda markets, met Elizabeth after she was finished at church and had lunch in a really nice cafe in South Melbourne, wandered around the shops and headed back out to Docklands where church is held in the pub of an evening. Left Melbourne Monday morning driving through much of the country that was burnt on "Black Saturday" - I love the area around Kinglake, back roads and lunch at Beechworth at around 3pm is always the nicest possible way to drive back to Sydney.

In the middle of June, did you go to the Sydney quilt show - I did with my friend Clare. We both bought fabric and kits and admired the quilts, wondering if either of us would ever be THAT good. Saw my SIL Jo with her walking buddies.
So in my last post I showed you a couple of quilt tops, Lily got hers finished for her 2nd birthday, although I am still not sure there is enough quilting in it - I hand quilted it with yellow, purple and orange Cotton Perle.

I will download those photos and show you my finished projects and maybe even the fabrics I bought on special. I will try to blog more regularly and remember just what else I have been doing.
I know I did do quiet a bit of work May and June - in store demo work, but I've not had any the last month or so. I do need to go find something regular 20hrs a week.
Until next time

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Some Quilts

Some tops that I have pieced and just need to finish.
This is a close up of the front, the picture above is the back, a completely reversible quilt. This was last years class with Barbara Gower that I did for my beautiful darling grand daughter Lily. She will turn 2 in June and I really want to get it finished for her.
A picture of the front taken in the sun, just to show how bright it is, a stripy drunkards path.

A pattern out of Jelly roll quilts by Pam and Nicky Lintott. It is on the lounge room floor ready to be pin basted. The picture above is the corner turned over to show the back. This is a quilt top that has recently been finished and I would really like to get it completed.

I Won

Kelly over at IHAN had a month of giveaways to celebrate. I won some beautiful pins from the Just another Button Company. Thanks Kelly for a great gift and a blog that is always fun to read.

Oh where has the time gone

I'm so late where has the time gone.
I finished these last month for the OPAM that Peg and Kris are hosting. The cardigan was in an Australian Womens Weekly back in May 2004, I have actually knitted this up before and liked the way it looked. Why do you finish the back, a front and half a sleeve and then put it away?
If I knew the answer I would have no UFO's to finish.
The scarf was a new project with wool bought at Craftexpo when it was on at Homebush. The wool is from the girls at Lush Yarns it was in their $10 bin and there were 2 hanks. It was lovely to knit with and the pattern is a feather and fan variation found on Ravelry.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Finished cardigan and new quilt blocks

The first 2 blocks of this years class.
This is the detail of the band which was knitted separately and then sewn on, the front band was also knitted separately. I was supposed to be pick up stitches on the cardigan and knitted sideways but I decided to do it the other way and yes they are three quarter sleeves, I think maybe they should have been slightly shorter but I still really like the way it turned out.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sewing, knitting and work

So it goes another month is near its end and what have I been doing. I've made Bella-boo for Lily for Easter even if she is already playing with her. She is in Melly and Me's book, Kaleidoscope bought at Craftexpo when it was on at Sydney Olympic Park Homebush. I have had an order put in for Bubbles the Unicorn from her mummy for her 30th birthday in August.
I've made BAGuette by Natalie Lymer of Cinderberry Stitches that was in Homespun 78. It just needs handles/straps I still can't decide what I want but the bag is finished. I think I want red leather ones like Natalie's one in Homespun. I used a variety of remnants bought from Craft Depot at Pennant Hills. I did the stitcheries in DMC linen threads, they are so nice to stitch with and were a present sent to me from DD Kate when she lived in London.
Drum roll the bargain buy of last winter was 20 balls of Patons Merino Deluxe DK for $20. I've knitted the fitted cardigan in Jo Sharps book Saturday. Oh did I say 20 balls I actually bought 50, 20 in colour 2 chestnut, 30 in colour 1 beige. That said the wool is selling at yarnsgalore for $7.60 a ball.
There will be a photo tomorrow when the sun comes out of the finished cardigan, I'm very pleased with it, if I do say so myself.

Have you seen advertised "Dynamo to go" it's a instant stain remover you can carry in your handbag. You know when you spill the last of that coffee on your nice cream shirt well this little pen will help you get through the day without looking a complete dag. Have picked up the sales pitch yet, this is the latest instore promotion that I am doing , mostly in south west and western Sydney, 3 hours spilling coffee and red wine on small white squares of fabric for people to try out the pens. Its interesting work and helps pay the bills but I would rather be sewing. Its a good thing that Supermarkets don't want you in there stores this week because of Easter, meant that I got more stitching and knitting finished that I had hoped for.

By the way must remember to show you the first 2 blocks of a quilt that I have just started, I do a class once a month with Barbara Gower and I am making her design called Steps and Ladders, it's in Batiks that I bought in London in 2008 at the Knitting and Stitching show.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sew-Fantastic has a giveaway

SewFantastic is having a Kona Colour Wheel Giveaway. Run don't quick...clickity clack and enter so you too will have an opportunity to gaze upon these lucious fabrics in person. Good luck to you....I hope you win!!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

OPAM - February

So here we are almost at the end of February and after almost no casual work for 12 months I have work this week, 4x4 hour shift demonstrating Pacific West Asian snacks, which means I had to get this months projects finished before Wednesday night. This is the second month of Peg and Kris's One Project a Month (OPAM)

I am very proud of myself cause I finished 3 projects and still have time to maybe add some more.
First off I saw Elizabeth over at Oh,Fransson made this great little ironing table. I went what a great idea for someone who has little sewing space at the moment. The next week Aldi had TV trays on special for $14.99. I went and bought one and have made my own sweet little ironing table. I used some heavy weight check I bought from Spotlight a while back as the top and leftover batting. I really like the way it turned out. Thanks Elizabeth for a great idea.

My daughter Elizabeth was up from Melbourne over the weekend so I got the chance to have her dress made. I bought the fabric Christmas eve but didn't get the chance to have it made for over the Christmas, New Year when she was up. She'd picked pattern 6776 from New Look and lovely crisp white fabric, the blue star fabric in the sash was on special so we bought the rest of that as well and that is still to be made up when she decides what she wants out of it.

And to finish I made a Double Irish Chain quilt 12 months ago, had it quilted, did the binding and it was finished, or so I thought. The 8" white squares looked lonely, it needed something more - hearts, flowers, hands!!!!
I traced everyones hands including both of Lily's and then chain stitched around them. They all look really neat, there are still 6 white squares with nothing in them and that might become another project if I decide that they need something too, but for now it is finished and on my bed. It is quite a wide quilt it almost comes to the floor on the sides (this means I still have some in the morning). It was made from 2 jelly rolls, Blossom by Urban Chicks - I just love the fabric and all the hands are embroidered in DMC cotton perle no.8

Thursday, February 11, 2010

So this is what happens.......

When you have a piece of glass in your foot for 3 weeks. Four hours in emergency at local hospital and hey presto no more glass and a nice hole in the foot.
So there has not been a lot of sewing going on here, however today I decided to try and finish the hand stitching on my Double Irish Chain quilt. I have traced a hand of each member of the family (both hands of Lily) onto the white squares and I am chain stitching around them in Perle cotton. Photos to follow as we are about to have a thunderstorm hit.
When finished this will be a OPAM for February

Saturday, January 30, 2010


OK so I am slack, been sick, had lots of tennis to watch - watching Women's final at the moment come on Justine!!!!. Oh well she did OK it wasn't straight sets.
I have joined in
Peg's and Kris's One Project a Month (OPAM)
For January I have finished a skirt that was going to be a dress and worn that to a family wedding last Saturday. Thats the fun part of being married to a Baptist Minister all the family get him to do the Weddings and Funerals. The wedding was held at Tumbling Waters Retreat at Stanwell Tops and was lovely.
But I digress I got a quilt back from Vicki my longarm quilter, its Teapots and was made in 2008 in a monthly class I did with Barbara Gower.
Lastly I have been following
Cathy for a while even bought fabric of her last year when she was cleaning out her stash. I saw a quilt that she was selling in her Esty shop middle of last year and liked the design you can see it here
A friend bought me 2 Wonderland charm packs and I have used them to make the quilt top up.
Photos to follow when and if the sun comes out tomorrow but here is the Teapot quilt on the lounge and the quilt top laid out on the floor before being sewn together.