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Thursday, November 25, 2010

On the move

We are on the move, just down the road to Elderslie. The house we have lived in since March 2003 when Steve came here as the minister of Narellan Baptist Church has been sold and we move next weekend to a rental property. The reason for the sale was to release the equity of the house to put the services (water, electricity, etc) onto the block that the church owns in the middle of our community. The plan is to build a community type centre that we as Limetree can use along with the wider community of Narellan.
The packing is going slowly because life still needs to happen, this weekend we are at Sports Chaplaincy Australia training, this has been booked for 6 months and is the second half of the course, so I'll try not to worry too much. For those who haven't heard of SCA before they train people to be sport chaplains to high performance and local sporting organizations - Steve is the chaplain to Penrith Rugby League NRL team and has been since 1997 and is state co-ordinator. Most NRL, AFL, Cricket, Football (soccer to some) have chaplains.
A photo taken at our son and daughter in laws wedding September 2007, I tried to find one more recent but couldn't. The reason for the happy couple snap is today 32 years ago we got married, its much harder to just download something that old.

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