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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mug rug swap

mug rug swap
This is the second mug rug swap I have been part of. This one is wending its way overseas to India.

tis the season blocks

last block finished

second last block sewn into quilt

the top finished
This morning I sewed the blocks together, I am still working out what to do next. I was thinking about sewing all the leftover stripy bits together and doing that as a skinny border. I have a dessert roll (5" by with of fabric)of this line - Glace by Moda it has the blue fabric that is used in the bottom right hand corner block as well it comes in green, cream and red.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Favourite things a stitchery 

Red hand knitted scarf and hat

Inspiration Homespun and Quilters Companion

Earrings bought at a local market from the maker

Nice, necessary bracelet 

Densye Schmidt Winding Roads 

Something special
Friends swap organised by Khris is to be posted by the end of the month, mine is ready to go to Synnove in Norway.

Favourite things stitchery by Christine Book, I have put some surprises in the package for Synnove, she can show you when she gets the parcel
Red Patons Feathers scarf and hat
Inspiration - Homespun and Quilters Companion, my favourite Australian magazines
Earrings green hand made from the local markets from the maker
Nice, necessary a green bracelet a Starfish creation
Densye Schmidt fat quarters Winding Roads only available here in Australia at Spotlight. Synnove favourite colours are red and lime green, the pink check is more red than the photo shows
Something special a handbag or craft bag it is an oversized Miranda Day bag by Lazy girl designs 

Saturday, September 17, 2011

A day with history

the front with me
along the back porch

the front

 looking at the
 back of the house

Camden Park built by John and Elizabeth Macarthur and still in the family 7 generations later is open to the public one weekend every September. It is this weekend and what a wonderful spring day to go out for a day in the country. John Macarthur is the father of agriculture in Australia and at one point in the 1800's there were 800 people working this  farm of 5000 acres, located on the Nepean  river south of Camden this historic house is wonderful, the gardens are enormous and has the oldest known camellia bush in Australia. Staffed by many volunteers they are trying to bring the gardens back to what they were in the past. There was a list of some of the produce that they grew which included 40 varieties of apples, 30 of the orange family as they put it which included oranges, limes, mandarines, grapefruit, lemons, varieties of fruit and vegies that no longer are around.
Some pictures of the gardens,

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Block sewing

block going to Heidi
block swap adventure

block going to Kym

block going to Pat
Christmas  block swap

block from Pat

Pat added a little mug rug with my block

my parcel arrive from Hancocks
included 2 new rulers
I've been cleaning my sewing room, rearranging the furniture, adding a new bookcase and refolding my fabric,I will add some pictures when the light is better.
I then got this months blocks made, two log cabins and a post and rail. This morning Pats block for the christmas swap arrived, she has made me a small christmas mug rug as well, thanks Pat.

On Tuesday my order from Hancocks arrived, minus one of the fabrics as they had sold out. I bought a layer cake of Terrain and yardage of Flurry all by Kate Spain. Also bought two new rulers, as a lefty lots of rulers don't work for me but the omnigrid rulers do, their marking are both directions and a straight 6", I bought a 6" square and a 24" x 6" for less than the cost of just one ruler here in oz.

I have 2 more commitments this month I join Khris's FRIENDS swap and have to send a parcel to Synnove by the end of the month, having lots of fun working out what 7 gifts to send her. I have also got a mug rug to make as part of the mug rug swap adventure 3, this is the second one that I have been part of  and it is always fun.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

11 blocks one to go

11 blocks 1 to go

bee in oz August 
today 2 more blocks arrived, only Shurti's block from India still to come. Yesterday I cut and added the setting triangles to a block, this morning Steve tells me he likes the way they interconnect with out the triangles, so maybe I will sit on it until Shurti's block arrives and then decide how to finish it. BUT WOW it looks wonderful and I am grateful to the ladies in the bee for making such a big block 22" finished 32" when the setting triangles are added. For those who want to know the pattern is interlocking seasons

adding sashing instead of setting triangles

Since putting on the floor and walking over and around them Steve has decided that he wants sashing, continuing the outside squares linking them to the next block with the cream and print.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bee in Oz blocks

bee in oz
September block

bee in oz
August block
today I have been sewing, I made Cherie's block for September bee in oz, we made mod mosaic blocks using just one fabric with many different black and white strips. I also started to sew the corner triangles on my blocks - I had to stand on a chair to get a photo, these blocks are 32" finished.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Blocks from and for Beth

block going to Beth

not one but two blocks from Beth
quilting block swap Australia 2 August blocks, my partner Beth sent me two blocks made in the same design and I made for her a tic tac toe block in blue, green and white. Hope she likes it as much as I like mine.