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Monday, October 14, 2013

10 weeks

some of the girls at Mill Rose Cottage

Where has the time gone, we moved 10 weeks ago. All the important stuff is unpacked, there is just 20 or so theology book boxes to be unpacked, sorted out, given away or repacked for later. So........ what have I been up to, we bought a new car, a 3 year old Mitsubishi Outlander, I went to a QCA Melbourne meet up at Sharryn's place at Narre Warren, I joined the MMQG and went to a sew day at GJ Fabrics, discovered the NOTYQ although I have only been once as the family came to visit for Elizabeth and Jared's engagement party and when I went to go last Thursday it was pouring, so I sewed at home. I have been to the Ballan and Mill Rose Cottage for a millrosiefriends get together, the next one is 16th November and the swap will be a Red Brolly gift. We drove back to Sydney at the beginning of September and flew up 2 weeks later for the final Penrith Panthers presentation night, after 17 years as the chaplain of the club Steve has passed the baton onto someone else. At the end of the month we will head back to Sydney for a week as NSW SCA are having their conference day on 26th, Steve is preaching at Crest Community Baptist church on 27th and he has a Capernwray board meeting in the southern highlands on 31st and 1st November.

lots of boxes to unpack
almost there
My sewing space is working well, from many boxes to a space that works

Steve and Warren talking at Presentation night at Panthers

I have been sewing making August and September blocks for QCA Bee#2, a mini quilt for a swap and more blocks for my month in the bee as I want a square quilt not a rectangle

August for Kate

September for Rose

Mini quilt  for handmade swap for Ineke

my quilt so far 
I have made 4 extra blocks for my quilt, there are 3 still to come.