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Sunday, May 24, 2015

lets try this again

It has been a while, life has been one huge roller coaster ride of emotions over the last 5 months. Things happen in life that no matter who you are or what you do they hit you in the gut and wind you.

Put simply it has been something that I never expected to happen but shit happens and it has robbed me mostly of my sewing mojo. I haven't been to a North of the Yarra Quilt guild meeting or sew day since Christmas, I miss the time out to sew but other stuff keeps getting in the way and it has been easier to just not go than try to explain what has been happening.

I've done some sewing and deliberately signed up to swaps to make me sew. I have also gone to Langwarrin and Lee's studio to do a group FMQ class with ladies from the Victorian QCA facebook page. It was great fun and has got me sewing because you have homework and it has to be done and I really am enjoying using my big fancy Pfaff Grand quilter.

Looking through my photos from the last couple of months I joined Samelias mum, Anorina over on instagram #needlecase swap mine went to the USA and has arrived so I can show you what I made. I used a Aussie flora print scraps from 20 years ago, you know you never throw anything out.

needlecase and pincushion

Working backwards May is Sports Chaplaincy Australia (SCA) National Champions dinner at the MCG. Former Wallaby Captain Nick Farr-Jones was our special guest. Glenn Ridge hosted the night and a good night was had by all

MCG members dining room looking out to the field
Two nights later and we were there again with friends down from Sydney who are SCG members. This time for the AFL game between Collingwood and Geelong. Needless to say Steve's team Collingwood lost to Geelong as did my Penrith Panthers playing against the Brisbane Broncos 8-5 in the final 30 seconds of the game. I was following along on my phone on the NRL app.

before the game Collingwood huddle
That week was a hell of week. This is what a kangaroo does to your car at 110 km per hour down the Calder Highway at 12.30am. It should be back in my garage tomorrow or Tuesday, there was no damage done to the engine or frame but we do have 1 of 400 Outlanders that were specials made in 2010 so spare parts are new parts.

not pretty but we were all ok

April we went to Sydney for work and as we were planning the meeting realised that Easter was the following week. We decided to stay and spend some time with our Sydney kids and catch up with some friends. One day Steve had a meeting at Homebush at the NSW SCA desk at Sports House. Kate, Violet and I went shopping including a patchwork shop at Rydalmere, while there Violet picked out fabric for grandma to make a dress for her birthday, she picked the most expensive fabric I bought that day. Auntie Jaclyn made her a cardigan to go with it and I added a couple of long sleeve t-shirts to wear under it.

dress and cardi

We also went to the Royal Easter Show which we had not been to for a few years. The day was overcast and we had a few showers but seats in the grandstand gave us somewhere to sit and watch the fireworks that night as well as other attractions in the main ring like grand parade.

grand parade from my seat 
If you have go this far thanks for reading an I will do another post tomorrow to show you the quilts that talked to me at the Australian Quilt Convention at Carlton Gardens also in April. 

If you really want to know what's happening email me and I can let you know but at the moment we are taking each day as it comes and the next 6 months are going to be interesting.