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Monday, August 16, 2010

Where to start

OK so it's been a while.
I have been crafting a little, stitching some, buying fabrics Patchwork Heart at Penrith had some lovely half price fabrics, but mainly not accomplishing anything major. Where to begin - after 14 months of having DD1 Kate, SIL Graeme and now 2 yo DGD Lily living with us they finally have keys to their new home and will move in over the next couple of weeks. I will miss the evening kiss and cuddle after she has had a bath and the grandma where is Big and Little Ted (my bears, as in Playschool bears).
I will have a sewing room again even if it is part of the rumpus room and space to leave tops on the floor as I piece them together.
So what have I been doing - Hunter Hill quilt show was on last weekend Di and Sarah both wrote about it. The Camden Quilt show was the first weekend of the month and it was up to its usual high standard. Munaiba wrote about it and has lovely pictures.
I do have photos somewhere but haven't downloaded them yet - told you I have been slack.

We drove to Melbourne in July down the coast, stayed in Eden on Thursday night and then drove onto Orbost, Lakes Entrance and finally reaching Melbourne to meet DD2 Elizabeth who lives down there as she finished work. We stayed at a wonderful serviced apartments on Punt Road, we went to TGIF for dinner in Chapel St and I was glad we had to walk back to the car I was full.
Penrith played Melbourne (rugby league) and the Quilt show was on what great timing. While Steve and Elizabeth spent Saturday morning doing father daughter stuff I spent 3 hours wandering around looking a Victorian Quilt Show - there were some lovely Winding Ways quilts that caught my fancy, they were stunning. I also took the finished bag (Rosies bag No1) that I bought the kit for at the Sydney quilt show, from Indgo Niche. It was the first time she had written a pattern so was please to see it turned out OK and was easy to follow.
We won't talk about the footy!!!!!! the stadium is cool.
Sunday we went to St Kilda markets, met Elizabeth after she was finished at church and had lunch in a really nice cafe in South Melbourne, wandered around the shops and headed back out to Docklands where church is held in the pub of an evening. Left Melbourne Monday morning driving through much of the country that was burnt on "Black Saturday" - I love the area around Kinglake, back roads and lunch at Beechworth at around 3pm is always the nicest possible way to drive back to Sydney.

In the middle of June, did you go to the Sydney quilt show - I did with my friend Clare. We both bought fabric and kits and admired the quilts, wondering if either of us would ever be THAT good. Saw my SIL Jo with her walking buddies.
So in my last post I showed you a couple of quilt tops, Lily got hers finished for her 2nd birthday, although I am still not sure there is enough quilting in it - I hand quilted it with yellow, purple and orange Cotton Perle.

I will download those photos and show you my finished projects and maybe even the fabrics I bought on special. I will try to blog more regularly and remember just what else I have been doing.
I know I did do quiet a bit of work May and June - in store demo work, but I've not had any the last month or so. I do need to go find something regular 20hrs a week.
Until next time