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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tis the Season........

for stitching. I have joined the long list of ladies world wide stitching, Tis the Season by Natalie Bird, organised by the lovely Chookyblue
Can't wait to start, picked my fabric - a honey bun of Glace by Moda, DMC stranded cottons 3857 to 3864, pattern from The Stitcher's Cupboard. Local for me so the pattern came postage free in fact delivered to the door, hows that for great service.

I've picked a simple white on white for the stitcheries, the pattern is hearts and stars. 
This was posted a couple of days ago over on the Stitch- A-Long blog but I forgot to do it here

A road trip.....

Miss Elizabeth singing

Sydney to Melbourne, Geelong, Mildura and home again. That was last week, we drove to Melbourne for Steve to go to a SCA state coordinators conference in Geelong. Elizabeth DD2 had made the final of Melbourne Fresh at Revolver on Tuesday night so we got to see her sing for the first time live. Chris DS2 came as well and spent the time with Elizabeth in Melbourne while Steve and I went to Geelong for his conference.
I spent time discovering Geelong, National Wool Museum, Westfield, local op-shops, relaxing by the pool and stitching hexies. 
Chris caught the train to Geelong on Thursday afternoon from where we traveled to Mildura arriving about 11.30pm.
We spent Friday exploring while Josh DS1 was at school (he's a teacher), Saturday we went to the Farmers markets and Aroundagain think op shop on grand scale. We went for a drive on Saturday afternoon to Wentworth over the border in NSW where the Murray and Darling rivers meet, with all the rain that the area has seen the park was flooded, the river was running fast and the loch had water running freely through it.
Sunday after breakfast we left Josh and Jac to head home, we left about 8am and headed up through Hay, Wagga Wagga and up the Hume to home. A great week away, visiting the children and the kitten. Now for all the photos from the week

State Coordinators trying to
organise a photo shoot
Bollards on Geelong Beach

On the table - leave a chair out
and Franky climbs up

Franky getting ready to
climb the drawers

New outdoor stage in the park, this is where the Farmers
markets are held, Jaclyn and me
The boys Steve, Josh and Chris walking in the carpark
at Wentworth
Bus anyone! That's the river in front and
around the bus stop

Junction of the Murray and
Darling Rivers
Shelter shed 


My block from Jodi

Block swap Adventure blocks for February. Jodi wanted Pinwheels in any colour, I asked for autumn tones any block.
My block to Jodi
Mug Rug swap
from Charlotte

Mug Rug swap
to Sharon

I joined a Mug Rug Swap, I sent two to Sharon and received 2 from Charlotte. It could make any design 10" x 6", no beads - I really wanted to add some to the Christmas tree, maybe Sharon could add some. I requested bright and bold, think Kaffe Fasset but necessary to be his fabrics. Didn't Charlotte do a great job.
Mug Rug swap to Sharon

Bee in Oz

This is my March block for Bee in Oz, February's  block went MIA. Shruti's fabric coming from India never arrived to anyone.
 Jessica asked for Wonky Stars with the black star fabric as the background. I've pressed it, packed it and sent it on its way to Jessica. The edges seem a little wonky in the photo but it does measure 12.5"

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

OK so pinwheels are suppose to be easy.......

A sneak peak of  block 1
 NOT!  I joined the Block swap adventure and this months swap partner is Jodi, she asked for pinwheels. I found some fabric, Jodi didn't mind what colours so I went with green, purple and cream. I forgot to add seam allowances so ended up with 12" block. I know do the math, measure twice, cut once. My only excuse is that it was 41.3 deg C at Camden today, the air conditioner is still working overtime at 8.15pm Tuesday evening it is still 33 deg C. All temperatures taken from here
Finished first block

So TAKE 2, I went and found some new fabric in the same colour combination and started all over again. This time it worked much better.  Jodi I hope you like your block it will be in the mail tomorrow. With another scorcher (only 38 predicted for tomorrow) on the way I will be out early to the post office.
Take 2