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Friday, January 31, 2014

Secret sewing and National Mug Rug Day

Valentines swap mini quilts

wrapped and ready to send 
 I joined two Valentines swaps one run by Anorina and one run by Cheryl these two swaps needed to sent by tomorrow, they went yesterday to there new owners.

my collection of mug rugs

some sent to a friend
Since moving south I have joined a wonderful bunch of ladies that are the millrosie friends and this group of ladies have been sending Shez without her knowing where they have been coming from lovely mug rugs.Now Shez is a great fan of these wonderful little creations - not and it has been fun watching her receive them and not know what is going on. Now mine maybe a little late in arriving as I changed my mind a dozen times as to what to make, I finally decided on selvedges and made two and sent them the other day. So Shez they should be there today I hope

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Back to Sydney to......

pick up precious cargo.
Park in Yass, lunch and a play.

Lily and Violet at Werribee Zoo
New Years day we drove to Sydney to do Christmas with the rest of the family, clean up stuff as Josh and Jaclyn were moving out of the house, they are moving to Mildura where Josh will be an English teacher at the Catholic high school and bring Lily and Violet back to Melbourne for a visit. We did two really exciting thing while they were here, we went to the Penguin parade on Phillip Island and went to Werribee Zoo. The picture below is of the girls on these wonderful animals at the entrance of the zoo. The zoo was a great day out, they have these huge buses that take you around the zoo where you come very close to the animals. The little penguins Violet was almost asleep when the penguins started coming up the beach, Lily was down on the sand watching and very close them as they came up the beach. As we walked back up the boardwalk Violet was WIDE awake watching all the penguins, being small she was down on her knees or bottom watching them waddle to their screeching babies. They both went home with a penguin soft toy that grandma bought for them.

We also visited the park a couple of times, went shopping and just hung out at home playing with Aunty Beth's LEGO, colouring in and playing games.I am really glad that they were not here last week when we had 4 days in a row of over 40 degrees celsius. Aunty Beth and Jared took them back and while in Sydney she, Kate and her friend Jen went bridesmaid dress shopping.

a designer charm square swap quilt
I've continued to hand quilt this and made my mini quilt top for the Riley Blake MQG challenge. Will quilt it and send photos to Wollongong Modern Quilt guild. I've also been doing some secret sewing for a Valentines swap.With all the hot weather last week I did some clothes sewing, I've made two dresses, simple shifts that are great on hot days. I've got a skirt cut out and the Amy Butler Sandalwood jacket pattern sitting on my table to trace off the master sheet and make up.

Riley Blake Challenge