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Friday, January 31, 2014

Secret sewing and National Mug Rug Day

Valentines swap mini quilts

wrapped and ready to send 
 I joined two Valentines swaps one run by Anorina and one run by Cheryl these two swaps needed to sent by tomorrow, they went yesterday to there new owners.

my collection of mug rugs

some sent to a friend
Since moving south I have joined a wonderful bunch of ladies that are the millrosie friends and this group of ladies have been sending Shez without her knowing where they have been coming from lovely mug rugs.Now Shez is a great fan of these wonderful little creations - not and it has been fun watching her receive them and not know what is going on. Now mine maybe a little late in arriving as I changed my mind a dozen times as to what to make, I finally decided on selvedges and made two and sent them the other day. So Shez they should be there today I hope


Vroomans' Quilts said...

I think this was the stinkin'est, cutest joke you gals pulled off. I have seen Shez post all those 'who done it' mug rugs and now I am so laughing!!

Anonymous said...

Lol,you are in on it too Sue,you girls are so funny,I won't be home till Sunday Sue so will collect it on Monday,what a lot of fun and mystery this has been.xx

Bev C said...

Hello Sue,

Oh that is so lovely for Shez to get some more mug rugs.
Happy National Mug Rug Day.

marina said...

your mini's and mug rugs are gorgeous.
I think Shez may have learnt her lesson about not liking something lol