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Thursday, November 24, 2011

a productive day

my first 5 blocks ready for stitching

It has been raining here for the last couple of day, so after finally choosing my fabrics and choosing the quick blanket stitch applique I have all my first 5 block ready to stitch. A quick trip to Spotlight in Campbelltown to pick up the DMC cottons I don't have and an evening of sewing looks in order. Like Suzitee one of the other stitchers I have written Sue S on my luggage tag, because there is always more than one Sue. Some will notice that the handles are around the wrong way - not for me they aren't I'm left handed.

some kind of wonderful stitch-a-long

my favourite thing fabric

I have been very slow to get organised, I wanted to use the Terrain layercake by Kate Spain for my blocks but finding someone who has yardage in Australia has been almost impossible. My Patch in Milton has some on ebay so I might try them. I have picked 3 creams to be the background, 2 charm packs of Central Park by Kate Spain for the smaller patchwork squares and 6 wonderful matching Kona solids fro the strips between the blocks.
I am now going to copy them onto the fabric and start stitching.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

more blocks

Bee in Oz block for Anorina

QBSA block for Maria

Christmas block swap block for Maria
I have spent the afternoon sewing, I made the bee in oz block for Anorina her block is 16.5" and then adjusted the pattern/block size down to a 12.5" block and made the 2 Maria's their block. The blue yellow block is going to Canada and the Christmas block is off to Western Australia. Having 2 swap partners with same name has been interesting as I thanked Maria in Canada for my Christmas block instead of the Maria in WA.

stray stitches giveaway

Linda is having a giveaway. Why not go have a look and enter. It's the same Linda that I made the bee in Oz block for October, picture at the top of my last post.

Monday, November 21, 2011

just a few blocks

Linda's block for Bee in Oz in October

Kym's block to me for September

Jen's block to me Christmas block swap for October

My block to Jen

Block from Maria for November

block from Heather, but I don't know which swap it is for and maybe October
As I previous posted life has been busy, here are a few blocks that I have sent and received over the last 6 weeks

Friday, November 18, 2011

What a Month

I was a supervisor for kids with a disability provision for the HSC (Higher School Certificate), the exams started 18th October and finished last Friday 11th November, it was fun but very exhausting time. I had to travel the 60km by train into Sydney because the school I was working at was St Andrews Cathedral School. I have done hardly any sewing but lots of knitting as the train trip took just over an hour each way. When I get a photo of the finished garment I made the lady Kina from Ravelry, I just need to sew the ends in and have started the kids size for Lily as she liked grandmas stripy cardigan.
They say I will get payed by the 16th December if the person doing the paper work gets it all right and you would hope so as she is a Maths teacher.

I am doing the next stitch a long, we are doing "My Favourite things" by Anni Downs out of her book Some Kind of Wonderful. I have a layer cake of Terrain by Kate Spain, 8 Kona solids and 2 charm packs of Central Park by Kate Spain and the applique is going to be done on white. Most people are using very country looking fabrics but that just doesn't suit me at the moment, I want something that was a bit brighter.

rainbow blocks

yellow orange and green, purple and blue green yellow
I did get my geese in a ring done and sent to Ann in Denmark. If you look closely at the one top left of the rainbow ones there is a little notch missing, somehow in my rush to get them finished I made a boo-boo, so it might be the one that comes back to me.

Next week I plan to get some more sewing done, a baby quilt for Charlotte, I've got blocks to make for a couple of swaps and Sameliasmum who is Queen Bee for Novembers Bee in Oz. I won a DVD from Anorina which I am looking forward to watching when it arrives.
I also won 4th prize in a giveaway on Possum Blossom Patchwork, I picked the red postage stamp.

We are going to see Mary Poppins next Friday our 33rd wedding anniversary and we are planning on spending the weekend together doing what we want.