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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

OK so pinwheels are suppose to be easy.......

A sneak peak of  block 1
 NOT!  I joined the Block swap adventure and this months swap partner is Jodi, she asked for pinwheels. I found some fabric, Jodi didn't mind what colours so I went with green, purple and cream. I forgot to add seam allowances so ended up with 12" block. I know do the math, measure twice, cut once. My only excuse is that it was 41.3 deg C at Camden today, the air conditioner is still working overtime at 8.15pm Tuesday evening it is still 33 deg C. All temperatures taken from here
Finished first block

So TAKE 2, I went and found some new fabric in the same colour combination and started all over again. This time it worked much better.  Jodi I hope you like your block it will be in the mail tomorrow. With another scorcher (only 38 predicted for tomorrow) on the way I will be out early to the post office.
Take 2


Stray Stitches said...

Even though your block ended up a little small it is beautiful! I like what I can see of block #2 and I'm sure Jodi will too.
Stay cool!!

GigiQuilts said...

I love the block. Thank you for going to all the trouble to make two of them. You are really on the ball as it is February 1st in the US. I am looking forward to running to the mail box....but not today because here it is -10F and very very cold!! Burrrrrrrrrrrr! Wind chill is at -40F. Happy Quilting, Jodi

Cathy said...

great block!