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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

OK so it has been a while

 Where to start, some crafting going on, hexies and knitting. I have finally succumbed to the world of hexagons, I have been doing them on and off over the last couple of months. I have also been knitting a jumper top down (this is so easy) for the first time for Kate DD1, we bought the wool on special and there were an odd number of balls and colours, so I am doing it stripped.
We've been sick, Steve and I, summer colds coughing and wheezing and I had a fight with a stormwater drain and lost - I have a very sore big left toe, grazed right knee and a sore right elbow, broke nothing but 2 weeks after I did it toe is still bruised and sore.
Our home has been sold or should I say the "manse" of the Baptist church Steve has been minister of for the past 7 almost 8 years. It has been sold so the church can start the process of building a community centre on the block of land they have owned for the last 10 years. We are staying in the area going to rent something and continue with Limetree while Steve works as an architect to feed and pay the bills.

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Valerie said...

Hi Sue, thanks so much for stopping by SM and leaving a comment AND taking the time to stop by my website and casting a vote!
Too bad about the summer colds, it's winter here now in Canada and I actually love winter - well there's no snow on the ground but you can smell it :)