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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Not much

I have hardly done anything crafty over the last couple of weeks - knitting a jumper for Kate but even that is going slowly. Over the next couple of weeks that will change as I have lots of sewing to do, as I make Harry Potter costumes for the 30th birthday/house warming at Kate and Graeme's. Also a new outfit for a wedding in early October.

Kate, Graeme and Lily finally moved into their new home at the end of August. Grandma has been doing lots of Lily looking after so mummy and daddy can unpack and go shopping for new appliances and furniture. I even had a phone call over the weekend to come round and play with playdough so that her parents could put some Ikea furniture together.

Our home is quiet with half as many people now living here, we are slowly reclaiming space with Steve still to move back into the study, Chris mostly moved back into his bedroom and me to finish sorting out my space in the rumpus room.

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