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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Australia Day


The Lighthorse led the way

Pipes and drums

Crazy guy on motorcylce

St Johns Anglican, Camden

Campbelltown and Camden Marching band

Old cars looking up the street after
 they had passed

Camden show semi moved very slowly
up the street, displays, people and animals
on the back

Local butcher how they used to do deliveries

Yesterday was Australia Day we spent the day out, firstly we went and watched the parade down the main street of Camden, local schools (still on holidays), bands, old cars, big trucks, old trucks, local churches, local business, all the local RFS tankers - boys and their toys seeing who could honk the horn, sirens going, flashing lights the longest and loudest. 

It was very hot predicted to be very hot 40C, so what did we do but travel down to the Southern Highlands, Mittagong for fish and chips for lunch, then onto Berrima to find that the local park had become outdoor markets. Apparently they do this every year must remember this for next year. We left there about 4pm and headed home to watch tennis, Australian Open, cricket and football . ......... Melbourne Victory beat Nth Queensland Elizabeth will be happy

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kate said...

I knew about Berrima - thought I told you. We were going to head there too, but decided to stay in the aircon all day instead.