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Monday, May 16, 2011

a jumper for Kate

a jumper for Kate
Another finish, top down V neck jumper for DD1 Kate in Cleckheaton Country Silk 8ply, colours 12,16,15,16 and 17. The wool was bought last year from the Wool Inn in Penrith, they were getting rid of it as it has been discontinued, what a shame it is lovely wool to knit with. This was the first time I have ever knitted top down and while the sleeves were a little challenging ( 4 double pointed needles) the whole experience was fun. Jumper finished no seams to sew, only now need Kate to try on to check that the sleeves are the right length, hence the ball of wool poking out of the bottom of the sleeve in the picture. It was finished last night while watching the Mentalist and Harry's Law. I then started a cardigan for Violet with the leftover pink, it is an old pattern that I had made for my kids knitted in one piece starting with the back, over the shoulders and divide for the fronts with a hood. It is a Cleckheaton leaflet 148 instructions for Country spun or twist, 12ply or boucle. It will be finished very quickly, easy pattern, pick up stitches across shoulder for sleeves, sew up the sides and sew on the hood.
Now to go sew my Quilting fabric basket swap and then my Bee in Oz block and get them posted off tomorrow.

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