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Friday, June 24, 2011

Sydney Quilt show

What I bought myself, no not fabric but a beautiful pendant

Dr Seuss  fabric to make a pillow,
an owl pattern for the girls wall and
Make it Perfect pattern with fabric 
Lisa Walton's quilt that is part of her exhibition

spending time reading, Stitch and 101 projects

Kathy Doughty's quilt, love her use of colour

Vignette and and postcards from some of the
stallholder, Make it Perfect, Saffron Craig
and Create
Yesterday we ventured into the city of Sydney for the Quilt show, Kate, Lily, Violet and grandma. We met Clare there and spent the day enjoying the show. We went to Make it Perfect, Toni Cowards talk at 10.30, she had made up from Tasmania by sharing a car from Melbourne with a total stranger. Ash cloud that had covered parts of south eastern Australian and cautious airlines made getting to the show a challenge. We made Lily try on the little uptown girl coat the Toni had as sample to see she wanted it or sprout. As you can see she chose uptown girl and grey with yellow and white butterflies on it for grandma to make, she also wanted Dr Seuss fabric, I bought half metre to make some cushions for her bedroom to sit and read her Dr Seuss books.
The next talks we went to were Reece Scannell and Kathy Doughty talking on Understanding Colour and Using it Effectively, they did this together sew we sat from 12.30 to 1.30 and listened and learnt that we all need to have lights, mediums and darks in our stashes, what a great excuse to go shopping. Kathy also did the 2pm floor walk of the quilts so we followed her around and learnt more from her as she showed us some of the wonderful quilts.
The photos of the two quilt are ones that I would love to make, I just love Lisa Walton and her quilts, she has a special exhibition of them as part of the show, the colours are wonderful and they are all hand dyed fabric by her and her husband Peter.
Kathy's quilt she used part of it in her talk, I will have to go through my stash, the only colours I think I am missing are a range of black and white fabrics. 
Towards the end of the day we watched Liz DeLuca’ of Creative Arty Facts make glass beads, Lily was fascinated so she pointed us to her stall, Lily bought a clear glass bead with yellow stripes around it and grandma bought the beautiful pendant ($45 well spent)

As we drove home I checked my emails and got a surprise to find a Hancocks free shipping email, Kate who had only spent $50 of what had to spend so was happy to do an order as was I. Now I know buying local is important, but I bought a Kona fatquarter bundle for $37 and found a lovely print for the reverse of Lily's jacket at $5 a yard and a couple of others including these.

I have one block to finish and I have completed this months projects except my Tis' the Season blocks but I am off to a conference next week and plan to take them to stitch while I listen to the speakers and any free time I get, which means they might all be finished by the end of the month.


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Love it when you can come away from a quilt show with something bought, something learned, something shown.

Minette said...

Glad you had a nice day at the show. I went on W
Wednesday !

Chookyblue...... said...

oh wished I knew you were there I was too.......I missed the workshops but maybe next year i'll get to some.......