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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Block swaps

QBSA block for Carmen
I took December off except for the Quilting Block Swap Australia where there had been some drama when Alex (group 2 coordinator) got sick and the group folded and joined with the originals in group 1. Anyway I had to make Carmen any star in dark green and maroon with cream. I'm sure I took a photo of the block Carmen sent me but cant find it on my computer so will take another one and put it up on here.

Bee in Oz block for Lisa
Now here we are in January and the Bee in Oz finishes with Lisa being the last one to have her blocks made. Drunk love in a Log cabin blocks, the fabric she sent was wonderful and I had a hard time working out what to do, finally this week I just started to sew and this is what I made for her. They are now on there way to rural Victoria and can't wait to see how they all come together. We are unlikely to do another round as we are all a little wary after we had trouble with mail in and out of India

My blocks from August are still sitting waiting to be put together as I can't decide how to and I still have to make another block after mine from India never arrived.  This is not the first thing to go missing in the post to and from India - I was in a mug rug swap that my partner was in India, I have sent her emails to see if it arrived but have not heard back from her. It was sent in October so maybe it never arrived and so that swap was a no win for me as I never received a mug rug from my mystery partner.

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kate said...

Why don't you all do the Bee in Oz again but actually make it only for Australians?