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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March already........

for my February finishes I did my mug rug swap, Bee in Oz blocks, Block swap adventure blocks, knitted a Caressa express cardigan and a dozen or so hexagons. The fabric in the second photo came from a friend, Karen. She had cleaned her sewing room a had a pile of scrap fabric did I want it, who would say no. Anything that was cotton I cut into hexagon shapes, all the dress, fancy fabric I gave to Kate for playgroup, MOPS, or Girls Brigade to use.
The beginning of something, using up scraps, all the centres
are the same bone fabric from IKEA 

This is all cut ready to sew, fabric from a friend

from this

to this
I knitted the first cardigan for Kate in 2008 and took it to London when we went to visited them. It came home never worn as I had forgotten to adjust the button holes for my 5' 11" (180cm) daughter. So last month we pulled it to pieces, unknitted it and re-knitted it into the second one. The colour of the wool is that of the first cardigan. When I can I will take a photo of Kate in the cardigan but given she is 3 months off having baby number 2 and it is still very warm that could be a while. I am very pleased with how it looks - just like the book.

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Vroomans' Quilts said...

Love all those hexies! Great sweater pattern - warmth with style. I just love the new buckle/pins for sweater and wrap closures.