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Friday, November 9, 2012

November QCA Bee#2

Polariod blocks

These are the blocks I made Janine for the QCA Bee #2, they are heading to WA this afternoon.

green and yellow charm squars

There is a Rainbow charm square swap group and these are headed to Sally who coordinates the group for swap 31. Each swap is different, there is a 2.5" with of fabric that is also happening at the moment, I have some charm squares and jellyroll strips at Sally's due to leave her place next week. Don't you just love getting fabric in the mail.

another charm square quilt ready to go
Kate came to visit this morning and we laid out another charm square pack Hoopla by Moda, no designers name. I have the main print in white (4th row from bottom, left hand side) bought from Hancocks for the backing. Need to go clean up sewing stuff that has all been dumped on the dinning room table so I can do some sewing. Might even watch some cricket while I do it and then cut 5" white squares to go with the  blocks above.

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