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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I've been busy

Here in NSW our end of school exams in year12 are called Higher School Certificate - HSC, I am a supervisor of these exams at St Andrews Cathedral School. Work is March for half yearly exams, August for trials and October/November the HSC. This Thursday 8th is the end of these exams and it my final shifts, I am actually working all day. The pay happens in early December and this year it is going towards Christmas in Melbourne with Elizabeth.
Some sewing has been happening and some surprises arrived in the mail. I signed up for a birthday giveaway last year and then promptly forgot about it, this arrived the day after my birthday from Leona and I have signed up for next year as well and will probably forget again, nice surprise.
birthday surprise

I signed up for a pay it forward with Catherine and it arrived last week from Ireland
pay it forward from Catherine

The facebook group Quilt Club Australia - QCA has a sub group travelling stashes and Drover is one that is travelling around the country at the moment. You can take any fabric that takes your fancy but you must replace it like for like, I took 10 fat quarters and 2 charm packs and he will continue on his travels tomorrow, he is off to Armidale.
Drover, travelling stash as he arrived

what I took from him
I have quilted the baby quilts from an earlier post, one completely finished, 2 just need binding and I need to make some more tops so Kate can put them in her shop

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