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Thursday, October 18, 2012

other sewing that has been happening

the monster quilt for Kate and Graeme
The fabric is Stitch in Colour by Malka  Dubrawsky
 I made this quilt for Kate and Graeme (daughter and son in law) it is made from 2 layer cakes of  Stitch in colour and white 10" squares. It measures 104" x 123" (264cm x 312cm). There is enough squares left over to make pillow cases to match, the quilt will be for their king size bed with a big hangover the sides, the girls also like to sleep in mum and dads bed. The focus fabric, the one right at the front of the photo is part of the backing fabric, I bought it on Esty all 5 yards that the store had and the layercakes I bought from the lovely Anorina and little fabric store Fabric Buzz

cot quilt in Ten Little Things by Jenn Ski

cot quilt made in Curzo by Kate Spain

cot quilt made in Lollipop by Sandy Gervais
The 3 cot quilt are the start of a stash of quilts that I am making for Kate, and her store Sqishyboo. I have other charm square packs to make more, but first these need to be finished so she can sell them. Back to sewing and getting them done.

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kate spain said...

Dear Sue,

Great work ... and so giving!

Love it.

Cheers to you and your family.