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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Lots of stitching happening

first 3 sewn together

and the rest of the strip done

the next row started
Sewing is happening at a great rate, hand stitching now sitting on the couch at Clares (no blog) after spending the day opshop shopping and sewing the first of my strips together. The reason I'm here instead of Melbourne is Steve is in the Southern Highlands teaching at Capenwray bible school today to Friday.  We will then catch up with family and friends before heading back on Monday (Monday is a public holiday in Melbourne).

For all those going to weekend stitching of let's get stitched Melbourne have a great time, I was going to come but other thing got in the way, like the opportunity to see my granddaughters and sew to my hearts content with Clare for 3 days. 


marina said...

well done on your sewing progress, the blocks look wonderful.
enjoy your stitching and your grand daughters..

Melody said...

It was fabulous to see this delightful work at NOTYQ today