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Saturday, July 12, 2014

and the other stuff

We had a trip away before the wedding.

Sports Chaplaincy Australia (SCA) had their national Conference on the Gold Coast 17th - 19th June and I ended up being the go to organiser as the person who was doing it left. Robyn now has a full time job instead of a 3 day part time job. This also means that I now have a 2 day paid position in the same office as Steve but he is not my boss.

The conference was great, it always is but I was on a rollercaster ride with no way off, you see my dad died on the previous Saturday while we were in Sydney visiting family and friends on our way to the Gold Coast. We never made the funeral as it was held on the Central Coast of NSW the day before the wedding 13 days after he died as my siblings fought over when and how it was going to happen.

While in Sydney we had a few days where I got to sew with Clare and go to Lily's 6th birthday party, six years ago we were preparing to head to London to visit our new little granddaughter.

Anna Maria Horner charm square swap with a low volume swap
HST quilt

table runner for the angel mortal swap at NOTYQ

Miss Lily wearing the clothes I bought from H&M

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