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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Finished and a new start

top finished

the second half
Sew I got the last 3 rows onto my Anna Maria Horner, low volume swap quilt but now that I am in the National Sports Chaplaincy Australia (SCA) office every Monday and Tuesday I don't get to see a lot of daylight unless I head out at lunchtime. We don't have enough floor space to lay the whole quilt top out so I went outside, in front of the garage and took some photos.

Kate Spain  charm square swap

Now I can play with all the lovely Kate Spain charms from the swap. There are 111 different 5" charms, we ended up with one double and given I took 2 spots I now have 224 lovely charms to make a number of thing out of. To start I am doing the Roundabout quilt - first 2 rounds on so far, 3 more to go. I am just sewing the charms together as they arrived giving a nice scrappy look so far.

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