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Friday, July 18, 2014


I'm joining in with all the girls sewing FNSI. I spent yesterday at NOTYQ and managed to get 7 rows done, 13 more to go, might not get them all done tonight but I want to finish it by tomorrow. My next project is calling, my Kate Spain charm squares and the incentive is that Melissa has on her blog for getting my butt into gear. The current plan is to either make Thimble Blossoms round and round quilt or a free from Quilt it called Roundabout

Steve will be channel flicking between the British open golf,  tour de france, NRL and AFL so I will happily play with my sewing machine and occasionally check the sporting scores.

In other news my Christmas in July swap parcel arrived during the week but I can't open it until next Friday and I know from auspost tracking that my gifts have arrived at their destination I took photos of them before they were wrapped but forgot to take one of them wrapped. However with technology I have been able to copy the photo from her blog.

my gifts not to be opened until 25th
my parcels sent to Lisa (taken off her blog)


Lisa V said...

Aha, so you are my Christmas Elf. Ooo I cant wait to see my goodies on July 25, I'm going to be soo good and wait till the day, it will be soo hard though.
Thanks again.

Jessica said...

That's funny, I'll be working on my Domestic Bliss quilt using the same pattern tomorrow at WMQG (yes the one I started oh so long ago).

Kare Flanagan said...

Great pattern! It looks amazing and I can't wait to see how it looks when finished :)